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What is The Joker's Wild about?
Welcome to The Joker's Wild guide at TV Tome. The Joker's Wild marked the first time the team of Jack Barry and Dan Enright produced a game show since the Quiz Show Scandals of 1958. The game, which was totally clean, proved to be a success and paved the way to greater fortunes for the Barry-Enright empire. Before the show's premiere in 1972, several pilots were produced, several employing a bizzare celebrity format. The Joker's Wild married elements of a Las Vegas slot machine to a general quiz. Two contestants, including a returning champion, competed. Five categories are announced. The players, one at a time, take turns spinning a huge three-reel slot machine, each containing the names of the categories (along with appropriate pictures) and "Joker" cards. The player chose a category depicted on one or more of the reels, with cash values determined as follows: one of a kind, $50; two of a kind, $100; and a natural triple, $200. If the player answered a question correctly, h

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