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What is Super Password about?
It's Password ... it's the Super Password guide at TV Tome. Super Password was the third (and thus far, most recent) revival of the classic word-communication game. As with its immediate predecessor, Password Plus, Super Password used the game's classic elements and paired them with a new "master puzzle" (always a person, place, thing, etc.). Two contestants, including a returning champion, competed, each one paired with a celebrity guest (who played the entire week). Host Bert Convy gave each cluegiver a "password" which as before, he/she could only use a one-word clue to communicate it to his/her partner. If the word was not guessed, the opposing team (who could eavesdrop) could use a different clue (or perhaps even the same clue) to guess the word. Up to 4 guesses, 2 per team were allowed; the word was placed in a master puzzle (each having 5 "passwords," played 1 at a time), and the 1st team to guess could then attempt to identify the solution. If the word was not guessed

Actors: Gene Wood, Rich Jeffries, Bert Convy

Season 1 of Super Password

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