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What is Castle about?
Castle presenter and historian Marc Morris introduces us to 10 of the best-preserved examples across the United Kingdom. Castles were both a fortress and a home. Built to withstand armed assault they also housed elegant ladies, poets, priests, children and animals - as well as brutish warriors.

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Castle

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Season 2 of Castle

Season 3 of Castle

(watch here)
    Episode : Last Call  
    Episode : Setup  

Season 4 of Castle

(watch here)
    Episode : Head Case  
    Episode : Demons  
    Episode : Kill Shot  
    Episode : Cuffed  
    Episode : Pandora  
    Episode : Linchpin  
    Episode : The Limey  

Season 5 of Castle

(watch here)
    Episode : Swan Song  
    Episode : Recoil  
    Episode : Target  
    Episode : Hunt  
    Episode : Still  
    Episode : Watershed  

Season 6 of Castle

    Episode : Valkyrie  
    Episode : Disciple  
    Episode : Limelight  
    Episode : Room 147  
    Episode : Veritas  

Season 7 of Castle

    Episode : Driven  
    Episode : Montreal  
    Episode : Bad Santa  
    Episode : Reckoning  
    Episode : Sleeper  

Season 8 of Castle

    Episode : XY  
    Episode : XX  
    Episode : PhDead  
    Episode : The Nose  
    Episode : Cool Boys  
    Episode : Dead Red  
    Episode : Crossfire  
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