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What is The Edge about?
Welcome to The Edge guide at TV Tome. The Edge was a skit comedy show that pushed the skits too the extreme on Fox. David Mirkin's creation featured notorious sketches such as "Cracklin' Crotch", a wild west parody complete with a cowboy whose crotch produces a "rice crispies" noise, and "Billy Kwong", a kung-fu spoof featuring the world's longest jump kick (literally, the camera followed a pair of outstretched legs as it pursued the victim, around corners and such).

Actors: Jennifer Aniston, Tom Kenny, Edd Hall, Alan Ruck, Wayne Knight, Jill Talley, James Stephens III, Carol Rosenthal, Paul Feig, Rick Overton, Julie Brown

Season 1 of The Edge

    Episode 1: 101  
    Episode 2: 102  
    Episode 3: 103  
    Episode 4: 104  
    Episode 5: 105  
    Episode 6: 106  
    Episode 7: 107  
    Episode 8: 108  
    Episode 9: 109  
    Episode 10: 110  
    Episode 11: 111  
    Episode 12: 112  
    Episode 13: 113  
    Episode 14: 114  
    Episode 15: 115  
    Episode 16: 116  
    Episode 17: 117  
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