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What is Mr. Belvedere about?
Mr. Belvedere began in March of 1985 and aired on ABC. It was a spring replacement series and yet another family sitcoms from the 80's joining the ranks of The Cosby Show, Family Ties and Who's the Boss?. Mr. Belvedere centered around the Owens family who lived in suburban Pittsburgh. George Owens was a sports writer and his wife, Marsha was a homemaker/law-student. They had three children, 16 year old Kevin, 14 year old Heather and 8 year old Wesley. The series began when it got to the point where Marsha couldn't handle the household anymore with her studying so she placed an ad for a housekeeper. This is where Mr. Lynn Belvedere steps in. Mr. Belvedere was an English housekeeper whose previous employers include Winston Churchill. Although hesitant, George and Marsha hired him and he instantly becomes one of the family, even giving the kids advice on how to solve their problems when they need it. At the end of each episode, Belvedere would write an entry in his journa

Actors: Twink Caplan, Christopher Hewett, Brice Beckham, Tracy Wells, Rob Stone, Bob Uecker, Ilene Graff
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Mr. Belvedere

Season 2 of Mr. Belvedere

    Episode 2: Tornado  
    Episode 4: Requiem  
    Episode 5: Delivery  
    Episode 7: Vows  
    Episode 8: Strike  
    Episode 10: Pinball  
    Episode 15: Rivals  
    Episode 20: Amish  

Season 3 of Mr. Belvedere

    Episode 2: Grandma  
    Episode 3: Debut  
    Episode 8: Reunion  
    Episode 10: Pills  
    Episode 12: Inky  
    Episode 13: Jobless  
    Episode 19: Baby  

Season 4 of Mr. Belvedere

    Episode 3: Triangle  
    Episode 7: Fall Guy  
    Episode 15: Foxtrot  

Season 5 of Mr. Belvedere

    Episode 1: Fat Cats  
    Episode 2: Hooky  
    Episode 3: Braces  
    Episode 4: Pigskin  
    Episode 6: Duel  
    Episode 12: Spot  
    Episode 16: Mutiny  

Season 6 of Mr. Belvedere

    Episode 3: Truckin'  
    Episode 4: Big  
    Episode 8: Fixed  
    Episode 14: Donuts  
    Episode 19: Home  
    Episode 20: Mumsy  
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