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What is The Phil Silvers Show about?
The Phil Silvers Show, otherwise knows as Sgt. Bilko, or just Bilko in reruns, was a popular WWII comedy series running in the 50's. Phil Silvers plays Ernie Bilko, a motor pool sgt in the US army. He is based at Fort Baxter, a small camp hidden away near a town called Roseville, in the wilds of Kansas. The camp is supposably run by Colonel Hall, but it's Bilko that calls the shots. Whether it's poker games, betting on the horses, or when ever he was short of money, which was just about all the time, getting his platoon to cough up. Along with the other Sgt's from the Mess Hall, Signals, and Supply, Bilko is continually at war with Colonel Hall, who is desperately trying to put a stop to the gambling once and for all. The supporting cast are superb. From Bilko's two henchman, Corporals Rocco and Hen shall, ( Harvey Lembeck, and Allan Melvin ), Sgt Hogan (Elizabeth Fraser ), who has an on and off relationship with Bilko, and individual members of the platoon, to Colonel Hall, and his wife ( Paul Ford, and Hope Sansberry ). After 40 years since it was made, Hollywood mae a poorly received remake movie with Steve Martin.

Actors: Maurice Gosfield, Paul Ford, Alan Melvin, Harvey Lembeck, Billy Sands, Herbie Faye, Phil Silvers, Joe E. Ross
Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of The Phil Silvers Show

    Episode 3: The WAC  
    Episode 5: AWOL  
    Episode 11: Bivouac  
    Episode 31: Hair  

Season 2 of The Phil Silvers Show

Season 3 of The Phil Silvers Show

Season 4 of The Phil Silvers Show

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