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What is Every Witch Way about?
A teenage girl discovers that she is a witch with special powers, as are many of her classmates, good and bad. Based on the Latin American series Grachi.

Actors: Paola Andino as Emma Alonso, Nick Merico as Daniel Miller, Paris Smith as Maddie Van Pelt, Daniela Nieves as Andi Cruz, Tyler Alvarez as Diego Rueda, Autumn Wendel as Sophie Johnson, Denisea Wilson as Katie Rice, Kendall Sanders as Tony Myers [ 1 ], Mavrick Moreno as Mac Davis [ 1 ], Michele Verdi as Principal Torres [ 1 ], Rahart Adams as Jax Novoa [ 2 ], Zoey Burger as Gigi Rueda [ recurring ], Rene Lavan as Francisco Alonso [ recurring ], Katie Barberi as Ursula Van Pelt [ recurring ], Melissa Carcache as Lily [ recurring ],
Genre: Kids

Season 1 of Every Witch Way

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Season 2 of Every Witch Way

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    Episode : BF-Never  

Season 3 of Every Witch Way

(watch here)
    Episode : Defiance  

Season 4 of Every Witch Way

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    Episode : What If?  
    Episode : Frenemies  
    Episode : Stop Emma  
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