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What is Super Adventure Team about?
Welcome to the Super Adventure Team guide at TV Tome. Super Adventure Team is about the members of a high-tech action-adventure team, who spend more time dealing with assorted sexual exploits than they do saving the universe. The team is led by the idiotic Colonel Buck Murdock, who manages to be the hero no matter how badly he screws up each mission. Murdock's love of adventure is matched only by his love for Talia Criswell. While Murdock and Talia are rolling in the sack, Talia's husband, the brilliant but clueless Dr. Benton Criswell, remains locked in a state of denial. Finally there is the trigger-happy, Murdock-hating Major Landon West and the sexually confused Chief Engineer Head. The show parodies the same style of Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, where the show is acted out with marionettes.

Actors: Francis Mt. Pleasant, Benjamin Venom, Barbara St. Bill, Grant W. Wyllie, Tim Marx, Daran Norris

Season 1 of Super Adventure Team

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