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What is Swiss Family Robinson about?
Welcome to the Swiss Family Robinson guide at TV Tome. This show talk about the Robinson's family who is composed by David (the father), Elizabeth (the mother), Ernst (the son), Johanna(the daughter), Christina(the youger daughter) and Bruno (the dog). They decided to go to Middle East by boat. Because they're rich, the sailors decided to steal them and Mr Robinson killed one of them, by accident. The brother of this sailor want to avenge him and to kill Mr Robinson. One night a orage sink the boat and everybody except Family Robinson, Billy the ship's boy, Emily the rock woman who is a a young Chinese, Ben a sailor and Parsons the brother of the sailor who is died, everybody drowned. Robinson's family discovert an island where they are alone. Alone? No, not really. Billy and Emily lives in too and the Robinson adopted them in their family. But Ben and Parsons are in a island who's near then their and they decided to kill the Robinson...

Actors: Gareth Howells, Margo Gunn, K.C. Kelly, Mia Koning, Junior Chile, Kieren Hutchison, Charlotte Woollams, Chantelle Yee, Richard Thomas
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Swiss Family Robinson

    Episode : The Hawk  
    Episode : The Pit  
    Episode : The Tiki  
    Episode : The Chimp  
    Episode : The Bell  
    Episode : Wild Dog  
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