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What is Lone Wolf and Cub about?
Ogami Itto is the Shogun's executioner, the Kogi Kaishakunin, a lofty position in feudal Japan. Itto's rival, Yagyu Retsudo, kills Itto's wife and handmaidens and frames Itto to make it look like he wants to kill his Shogun, leaving Itto's 1-year-old son, Daigoro alive. Itto sets off with his son to live as 'demons' or assassins for hire until he can find and reap his vengeance upon his mortal enemy, Retsudo and the entire Yagyu clan.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama
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Season 1 of Lone Wolf and Cub

Season 2 of Lone Wolf and Cub

    Episode 26: Sayaka  

Season 3 of Lone Wolf and Cub

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