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What is The Smoggies about?
Welcome to The Smoggies guide at TV Tome. Smoggies, Smoggies, Smoky, oily, greasy... Have you met the Smoggies? We love the soot and grime, We make the whole world dirty, And we have a real good time. We love to make things messy, Just as dirty as can be, And you can bet we'll mess you up Ecologically. Suntots, Suntots, Earth and wind and sea and, Make way for the Suntots, A neat and tidy crew, We'll stay young forever, And we want the same for you. If we get your magic coral, Then forever young we'll be, Do you think you'll find it somewhere In our clear blue sea? We use the water, wind and sun, To make our homes and gadgets run, Where else can you have such fun, Environmentally? Come and see our island, And smell the sweet, sweet breeze, Where we'll live for ever, Just as happy as can be. With the Suntots and the Smoggies, Choose the way the world could be, A messy mess or shiny clear, Ecologica

Actors: Stephanie Morgenstern, Teddy Lee Dillon, Karen Margison, Pier Paquette, Richard Dumont, Brian Dooley, Walter Massey, Joan Orenstein, Harvey Berger, Rick Jones

Season 1 of The Smoggies

    Episode 35: Cool It  
    Episode 47: Cycles  
    Episode 50: Timber  
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