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What is Back of the Y about?
Back of the Y is a witty and clever New Zealand stunt show designed to "put New Zealand on the map". With unforgettable characters such as Presenter, Danny Parker, New Zealand's greatest daredevil stuntsman, Randy Cambell and retarded South Island mechanic, Spanners Watson, the show took New Zealand by storm, appealing quite often to the older generation as well as the younger. Every episode of Back of the Y consists of a number of mini shows (Constables, Smoodiver), take-offs (Bottlestore Galactica) and stunts as well as visits to the studio where we meet New Zealand's most loved television personality, Danny Parker. And of course the show wouldn't be complete without the feature stunt which always goes horribly wrong. But Randy's popularity rises. Misc Admittedly, the language is crude, but this is because the show encourages swearing in an attempt to remove taboos and help us to laugh at ourselves.

Actors: Melissa Goodfellow, Emma Savonje, Paxian 3, Piers Graham, Chris Winn, Matt Perkins, Matt Heath, Grubby, Phil Bruff, Chris Stapp


Season 1 of Back of the Y

Season 3 of Back of the Y

    Episode 2: Woman  
    Episode 3: Society  
    Episode 4: Religion  
    Episode 5: TV  
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