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After being raided by the police for Back of the Y's portrayal of them, Back of the Y has moved into a secret location in Onehunga. Their band has been fired after the police found a cannabis seed in Mike's guitar case. Unfortunately, the band was replaced by The Warlocks Of Firetop Mountain. The episode takes this order: -Intro -The new band - The Warlocks -Randy Cambell - The final stuff up? -Bloopers: The lowest form of humour -Arse/Off - a John Poo film -Interview - Dick, Randy and Spanners -Crossing live -Feature Stunt: Driving a car 20m down the road in a straight line -Bottlestore Galactica: Premiere Night -Bottlestore Galactica Movie: Crouchindg Cylon, Hidden Daggit -""Tonight was perfect"" -The beheading of Danny Parker

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