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What is Dead at 21 about?
Everyone has heard of the genius with a computer for a brain. In the case of Ed Bellamy, it's the truth. A secret government project put microchips in babies' brains, and they all grew up to be geniuses. Only problem is, the chips start to break down, causing intense dreams which slowly drive them mad. None of the kids survives past their 21st birthday. Unfortunately, Ed finds out about it on his 20th birthday. Agent Winston, assigned to bury the project, frames Ed for murder. Maria, whom he met at the party, is a witness. Together, they set off to clear their names, find a cure, help other cyborgs, stay out of jail and stay alive, all while trying to beat the biological clock that will make Ed Dead At 21.

Actors: Andrea Roth, Jack Noseworthy, Whip Hubley, Lisa Dean Ryan

Season 1 of Dead at 21

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