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What is Love My Way about?
Frankie Paige is a 31-year-old, tempestuous ball of mad life: she colours in for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with Tom, (Brendan Cowell), a fallen star chef, now a cook at the local rehabilitation hospital. Just down the road in a much nicer house, that has a mortgage and not a landlord, lives Charlie (Dan Wyllie) 35, architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou's father. He's also Frank's ex and Tom's brother. Charlie's remarried to Julia (Asher Keddie), a woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare her. Love My Way is an exploration of big characters dealing with the deepest human emotions. Love, hate, truth, lies, jealousy and anger. It deals with the randomness of life and the bloody mindedness needed to carve out a place in the world. These people are family blood and family by proxya web of relationships which are pulled and strained by the strongest desires and contradictions of the human heart.

Actors: Brendan Cowell, Alex Cook, Daniel Wyllie, Sam Worthington, Asher Keddie, Claudia Karvan
Genre: Drama

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