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What is Vegetable Soup about?
Produced by the Bureau of Mass Communications, New York State Education Department, Vegetable Soup was a melting pot of live-action, animation, puppets, dramas, and games. In two seasons, 78 episodes were produced, with over 200 segments used and reused. To many, Vegetable Soup may best be remembered for the Outerscope serials. These segments opened 70 of the 78 Vegetable Soup episodes, and were always fresh. The first serial starred five puppet kids, all with big hands, who have built a crude but effective spacecraft called Outerscope. During the first season, Outerscope I traveled the g

Actors: James Earl Jones, Daniel Stern, Scot Smith, Judy Noble, Martin Brayboy, Gary Goodrow, Bette Midler, Susan Taylor

Season 1 of Vegetable Soup

    Episode 32: Hair  
    Episode 33: Melanin  
    Episode 38: Accents  

Season 2 of Vegetable Soup

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