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What is The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. about?
This one-season series chronicles the adventures of Brisco County Jr., son of the famous marshal. Brisco's father was killed by an escaping John Bly, a villain with a gang of criminals, and a connection to a set of mysterious Orbs. Brisco, a bounty hunter and lawyer, swore to bring Bly in. It was eventually revealed that Bly was a criminal from the future who had come back in time to get the Orbs. Bly was defeated once and for all, and Brisco went on to work as an agent for the U.S. Government. Brisco was assisted in his efforts by a vast supporting cast, including sassy, intelligent dance hall girl Dixie Cousins, rival bounty hunter and eventual friend & partner Lord Bowler, lawyer Socrates Poole, an eccentric Professor Wickwire, and many others.

Actors: Christian Clemenson, Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

    Episode 7: Pirates!  
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