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What is Birdman Coast to Coast about?
Welcome to the Birdman Coast to Coast guide at TV Tome. This is an historic episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Not many people know that in the early stages of this programme, there was a contract dispute, in which the outcome was the last-minute hiring of sub-standard Earth hero Birdman. Now here are the remains of Birdman Coast to Coast. Enjoy! Birdman used to be a Hanna-Barbera superhero and was joined with the Galaxy Trio to make Birdman and the Galaxy Trio now Birdman is older and is on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup every sunday at 11:30 his show is called Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law OPENING BIRDMAN COAST TO COAST THEME: Birdman, fun as in transmission, Birdman, in the middle of the night, When you're there for Birdman, Diggin' uncle Birdman!

Actors: Frank Welker, Stephen Colbert, Scott Finnell, Johnny Carson, Tom Arcuragi, Dave Willis, C. Martin Croker, Sparky Marcus, Mike Road, Andy Merrill, George Lowe

Season 1 of Birdman Coast to Coast

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 2: Art Show  
    Episode 3: Sequel  
    Episode 5: Telethon  
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