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What is Elly & Jools about?
The Trevallers are moving from the city, they've been robbed once too often, so Anna and David break the news to their 13-year-old son Julian. The move is to a run-down old coaching inn "The Help Me Through the World" which has more to it than first meets the eye. The ramshackle establishment is haunted by the ghost of Elinor Lockett, the daughter of the original owner of the inn. Elly was murdered but nobody knows how. Elly and Jools share many adventures as their bond grows stronger but, neither of them realise that as they get closer to the secret of "The Help" they will be separated for all time.

Actors: Clayton Williamson, Damon Herriman, Vanessa Collier, Dennis Miller, Abigail, Anne Tenney, Peter Fisher, Rebecca Smart
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Elly & Jools

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