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What is Special Branch about?
Special Branch was a ground-breaking crime drama series from Thames Television, focusing on the tough cops from Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist unit. Shot in the studio on videotape and broadcast in monochrome, the programme initially starred Wensley Pithey as Detective Supt. Eden and Derren Nesbitt as Det. Chief Insp. Jordan. Eden was soon replaced by Det. Chief Supt. Inman (Fulton Mackay) and the show had its first makeover in 1970, with a switch to colour and new theme music by Robert Earley. The series, now led by the glamorous Nesbitt, prospered in its midweek post-watershed slot and was one of the ITV network's top-rated shows. After a hiatus, Special Branch was resurrected as the first series to be produced by Thames Television's new Euston Films subsidiary. The series now had higher production values, being shot entirely on location using 16mm colour film. The new series starred George Sewell as DCI Craven and Patrick Mower as DCI Haggerty, two officers with very different approaches to policing.

Actors: Derren Nesbitt, Wensley Pithey, Fulton Mackay, Patrick Mower, Paul Eddington, Roger Rowland, Frederick Jaeger, George Sewell, Jennifer Wilson
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Special Branch

    Episode 1: Troika  

Season 2 of Special Branch

    Episode 1: Inside  

Season 3 of Special Branch

    Episode 4: Assault  
    Episode 9: Threat  
    Episode 12: Hostage  

Season 4 of Special Branch

    Episode 3: Jailbait  
    Episode 11: Alien  
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