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What is Turn On To T-Bag about?
Welcome to the Turn On To T-Bag guide at TV Tome. T-Bag is back, this time making her T-Room in the back of and old television set in the curiousity shop. T-Bag plans to take over the television airwaves with her High TV to put all the children in her evil power. The transmitter is hooked up to her evil T-Plant but is not powerful enough so she puts Professor Sparks, who has is on TV programme (Sparks in Space), in her power to make a booster, but he has a Jamming Device powered by nine crystals to destroy any bad vibrations including T-Bag. T-Bag takes the crystals scatters them in the upcoming programmes to give her time for her booster to be made. T-Shirt gets Holly-Anna Jones, a TV presenter, to collect the nine crystals. Will T-Bag ever transmit her High-TV or will Holly put a stop to her evil plans? If you want to learn more about this and other series please visit The High-T Website.

Actors: Diana Barrand, John Hasler, Elizabeth Estensen

Season 1 of Turn On To T-Bag

    Episode 2: Doc Leaf  
    Episode 4: Yeti  
    Episode 6: Sparkes  
    Episode 9: Scrimp  
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