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What is Snapped about?
Lies. Deceit. Greed. Murder. Snapped is Oxygen's new true-life crime series. It focuses on average women, who snap and kill or arranges for her husband to be killed. All of these woman come from very different backgrounds. Some come from poor families and some from abusive families, but they all have one thing in common...Murder! Who knows if it's the Greed for their mate's money, or the Lies and Deceit within their marriage. For some they are living the American dream. But the American dream can become the ultimate American nightmare on Snapped. Snapped airs new episodes: Sundays 10pm/9C Re-runs can be seen: Sundays 10:30pm/9:30C Thursdays 8pm/7C Fridays 10pm/9C & 10:30pm/9:30C

Actors: Laura San Giacomo, Ronnie Farer
Genre: Reality TV

Season 1 of Snapped

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Season 2 of Snapped

    Episode : Pam Smart  

Season 3 of Snapped

    Episode : Jeena Han  

Season 4 of Snapped

Season 5 of Snapped

Season 6 of Snapped

Season 7 of Snapped

Season 8 of Snapped

Season 9 of Snapped

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Season 10 of Snapped

Season 11 of Snapped

Season 12 of Snapped

Season 13 of Snapped

Season 14 of Snapped

Season 15 of Snapped

Season 16 of Snapped

Season 17 of Snapped

Season 18 of Snapped

    Episode : Kim Long  

Season 19 of Snapped

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