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What is E/R (1984) about?
Chicago's Clark Street Hospital was the setting for this comedy about the staff and patients of the hospital's emergency room. Howard Sheinfeld (Elliott Gould) was the sarcastic, talkative doctor who oversaw most of the emergency room treatment. An ear-nose-and-throat specialist, he moonlighted at the hospital doing 48-hour shifts to help him keep up with alimony payments to two ex-wives. Dr. Eve Sheridan (Marcia Strassman in the pilot than played by (Mary McDonnell), his no-nonsense boss at the hospital, wished he would take things a little more seriously and not work such long shifts. Harold Stickley (Jason Alexander) was the hospital administrator, George Clooney as Mark "Ace" Kolmar, the med tech, Joan Thor(Conchata Ferrell), was the head nurse and Lynne Moody as Nurse Julie Williams. Broadcast History ______ Sep 1984, CBS Sun 8:00-8:30 ______ Sep 1984-Oct 1984, CBS Tue 8:30-9:00 ______

Actors: Mary McDonnell, George Clooney, Jason Alexander, Conchata Ferrell, Lynne Moody, Bruce A. Young, Marcia Strassman, Shuko Akune, Luis Avalos, Elliott Gould, Corinne Bohrer, William Schilling, Pamela Segall, Jeff Doucette

Season 1 of E/R (1984)

    Episode 4: My Way  
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