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What is Captain America about?
In 1941, Steve Rogers, a sickly young man is the test subject of a US body enhancement project called Operation: Rebirth. The experiment was a complete success with Steve Rogers' physionomy suddenly raised to the maximum human potential. Unfortunately, at that triumph, the lead scientist was immediately assassinated by a Nazi spy and the formula was irretrievably lost. With Steve Rogers, the US government, aware that war with Nazi Germany was probably imminent, decided to make the most of their resource by appointing him as their propaganda symbol/government agent/superhero, Captain America. Armed only with an indestructible shield which he can throw as a weapon, we follow his adventures in World War II with his sidekick, Bucky, as he battles against the Axis forces and especially Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, The Red Skull. In addition we follow his further adventures after he reemerged in contemporary times out of accidental suspended animation to face all the threats to America and its ideals

Actors: Arthur Pierce
Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Captain America

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