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What is Alone In Love about?
This is the story of two ordinary people who meet and fall in love, marry and divorce, but are unable to move on from that point, because their love did not end when they separated. Eun-Ho (Son Ye-Jin) and Dong-Jin (Gam Woo-Seong) meet one day at the bookstore where he works and they're immediately drawn to each other. They fall in love after subsequent meetings, and the two are married like millions of others who are in similar situations. But two years later they are divorced, and that's where the story opens, a pair of divorcees sitting across from each other talking about each other's lives. At first, there's nothing about them that seems to stand out from the crowd - they have ordinary jobs, he still works at a bookstore and she at the fitness club and neither is extremely good-looking, nor rich, nor charismatic. As the story progresses and reveals the reasons behind their divorce, their continuing meetings after divorce, their mingling in each other's lives, their matchmaking attempt for each other, and their internal monologues about each other, it becomes apparent they are each other's destiny if such thing exists. Even so, getting back together might be asking too much, since that would open up a wound that they've tried to bury for 3 years. Furthermore their new love-interests, Mi-Yeon (Oh Yoon-Ah) and Hyeon-Joong (Lee Jin-Wook) are marking their steps into Dong-Jin and Eun-Ho's lives, and the new love might just be a wiser option for two that have tried but failed already. In fact, Hyeon-Joong may have more things in common with Eun-Ho than she ever did with Dong-Jin, and Mi-Yeon seems to need Dong-Jin more than Eun-Ho ever did, this alone might be enough for the pair of divorcees to finally cut the tie between them....

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series

Season 1 of Alone in love

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