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What is Big Brother - Up Late about?
Big Brother - Up Late is a show associated with Big Brother (Australia) on Channel 10 weeknights after Sports Tonight. Hosted by Mike Goldman Big Brother - Up Late airs two hours of live streaming from inside the house as well as 4 brainteasers each with a $1000 prize every weeknight. The show airs late on weeknights during the time Big Brother is on. Mike Goldman also gives away "random tasks" involved with the 2004 Virtual Big Brother.

Actors: Ryan Fitzgerald, Mike Goldman, Miriam, Anouska Golebiewski, Igor Vurmeski, Krystal Ince, Bree Quartermaine, Benjamin Archbold, Leah White, Claire Bellis, Aphrodite Vuitton, Merlin Luck, Daniel McInness, Joanne Ashton, Belinda Thorpe, Violeta, Ashalea McWalters, Kim Dru
Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Big Brother - Up Late

Season 2 of Big Brother - Up Late

Season 3 of Big Brother - Up Late

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