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What is Big Wolf on Campus about?
Big Wolf on Campus is about star football player, Tommy Dawkins, who was bitten by a werewolf and has transformed into one. He has problems with fleas and during certain events, he can change into a werewolf immediately without any control. Not only that, he has to battle vampires, cat women, ghosts, and zombies. On his side to help, are his best friends, Merton J. Dingle and Lori Baxter. All this can happen and more in his hometown, Pleasantville. THOMAS P. DAWKINS Tommy was just a regular all-star football player in High School, trying to pursue his football career, but his life changed when he is bitten by a werewolf, and becomes a werewolf himself. Unlike others, Tommy is a good-natured werewolf who protects the citizens of Pleasantville. With his good friend Merton and Lori, he battles all kinds of creatures, monsters, and aliens roaming around the town. Tommy transforms when hurt or when he gets emotional, including guilt. And you can't forget the occasional full moon.

Actors: Danny Smith, Aimee Castle, Brandon Quinn, Rachelle LeFevre, Jane Wheeler, Alan Fawcett, Rob DeLeeuw, Jack Mosshammer, Domenic Di Rosa, Nathalie Vansier
Genre: Action and Adventure, Children, Comedy

Season 1 of Big Wolf on Campus

    Episode 1: Pilot  

Season 2 of Big Wolf on Campus

Season 3 of Big Wolf on Campus

    Episode 9: N'Sipid  
    Episode 20: Thanks  
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