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What is First Wave about?
In 1564 Nostradamus predicted the destruction of Earth in 3 terrifying waves. . . The First Wave is here! Cade Foster thought he had seen everything; then he learned of the secrets hidden within the quatrains of the ancient prophet Nostradamus, predictions of an alien invasion that would come in three waves and conquer the human race. The invaders would be known as the Gua, and their conquest was foretold... Or was it? Cade, together with his allies Eddie, Joshua, Jordan, and the Resistance, wage an underground battle to protect Earth's future from the First Wave of the Gua invasion, and to seek out clues hidden in the ancient prophecies, clues that might mean the difference between survival and extinction for all humanity. Can disaster be averted? Can the future be rewritten? Can the Gua be stopped? For Cade Foster, surrender is not an option. He will either stop the Gua invasion or die trying...

Actors: Sebastian Spence, Rob LaBelle, Traci Lords, Roger R. Cross
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of First Wave

    Episode : Elexir  
    Episode 4: Hypnotic  
    Episode 5: Elixir  
    Episode 7: Lungfish  
    Episode 9: Joshua  
    Episode 15: The Box  
    Episode 19: Deluge  
    Episode 20: Melody  

Season 2 of First Wave

    Episode 6: Red Flag  
    Episode 17: Rubicon  

Season 3 of First Wave

    Episode 1: Mabus  
    Episode 4: Gulag  
    Episode 7: Asylum  
    Episode 14: Legacy  
    Episode 17: Requiem  
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