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What is The Invisible Man about?
Darien Fawkes is a thief and conman with a scientist brother, Kevin. Kevin develops a gland that allows the implantee to excrete "Quicksilver" and turn invisible. Unfortunately, the gland has the side effect of rendering the implantee berserk if a counteragent isn't occasionally injected. Darien agrees to the operation to avoid a jail sentence. Terrorists kill Kevin, leaving Darien with the gland stuck in his head. A mysterious "Agency" was behind Kevin's research, and offer Darien a deal: work for them in return for injections of the Counteragent. Using his powers of invisibility, Darien takes on spies and other criminals for the government.

Actors: Brandy Ledford, Vincent Ventresca, Michael McCafferty, Shannon Kenny, Eddie Jones, Paul Ben-Victor
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of The Invisible Man

    Episode : Jailbreak  
    Episode : Bank Raid  
    Episode : Eyes Only  
    Episode : Pin Money  
    Episode 4: Ralph  
    Episode 5: Tiresias  
    Episode 6: Impetus  
    Episode 13: Reunion  

Season 2 of The Invisible Man

    Episode : The Prize  
    Episode : The Decoy  
    Episode 1: Legends  
    Episode 2: The Camp  
    Episode 9: Bad Chi  
    Episode 17: Exposed  
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