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What is Homeboys in Outer Space about?
Two affable twenty something free-lancers are under pressure to make something of themselvesand in the 23rd century there is plenty to do. Ty and Morris spend their days hopping from one galaxy to another in their Space Hoopty, an intergalactic vehicle. It's guided by a sassy onboard computer named Loquatia and maintained by their trusty yet clueless mechanic, Carl (John Webber). Along the way, Ty and Morris pick up odd jobs, encounter hot space babes and struggle for cold hard cash. The two set up 'office' in the corner of Jupiter Too, a futuristic tavern run by Ty's brother-in-law, Vashti (Kevin M. Richardson). When Vashti, a human-eating, cigar loving humanoid from the Vognarian planet, isn't running the bar, he's sending Ty and Morris out on messenger trips via Space Hoopty.

Actors: Darryl M. Bell, Rhona Bennett, Michael K. Colyar, Michael Colyar, Kevin Michael Richardson, Peter MacKenzie, Flex Alexander, Paulette Braxton

Season 1 of Homeboys in Outer Space

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