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What is Monstervision about?
Each Saturday night, Joe Bob Briggs hosts a couple of movies(usually horror or science fiction) at his "trailer" with Rusty, the mail girl. Before the movie starts, he gives a backround on it and Drive In Totals. Drive In Totals tell what is in the movie (10 Bodies, 9 Scenes of Chainsaw Fu, etc.)

Actors: Renner St. John, Joe Bob Briggs

Season 1 of Monstervision

    Episode 28: Fargo  
    Episode 51: House 4  
    Episode 57: Malice  
    Episode 81: Skeeter  
    Episode 91: Tootsie  
    Episode 92: Top Gun  
    Episode 95: Twins  
    Episode 98: Voodoo  
    Episode 127: Jaws 2  
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