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What is Trivial Pursuit about?
Welcome to the Trivial Pursuit guide at TV Tome. Like the CBS Family Feud Challenge, this game show was an hour long & divided into two parts. PART 1 9 contestants competed. They were given a multiple-choice question & on their keypad, had to punch the correct answer as quickly as possible. The quicker you punched, the higher the score. After 5 questions, the top 6 moved on. Then another round was played the same way & the top 3 went on to Part 2 (and won a small prize). PART 2 In the television version, it took 12 wedges (2 of the 6 colors) to win. Player 1 started round 1 by choosing one of 6 categories & trying to answer it correctly for the wedge. If incorrect, the opponents can buzz in & steal that wedge. Then Player 2 got a turn followed by Player 3. Each player had two turns to play. Rounds 2 & 3 had specialty categories as well as a WIld Card. Play's like round 1, Player 2 started round 2 & Player 3 started Round 3

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