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What is The Most Extreme about?
Welcome to The Most Extreme guide at TV Tome. Made by Natural History New Zealand, this series showcases the world's most extreme animals, in various categories such as speed or stinkiness, in a top-ten countdown format. _________________________________________________________________ The Most Extreme FAQ What is this show? It is a countdown from 1-10 showing how animals rank in different catagories. I seen animal on the show ranking number 1,but only jumping a couple of feet-whats that about? Most everything on the show is body sized porportioned Where can I watch this? On Animal Planet. Can I nominate an animal for the show? No,sorry,you can not. Can I be on this show? Most of the show is computer animated or animals recorded in their natural habitat so,no. Are Humans ever ranked on the show? Yes-They are also compared to all the other animals If Humans are in the show,wouldnt we always rank #1? Not always-again everything is body size porportion

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Season 1 of The Most Extreme

    Episode 1: Jumpers  
    Episode 2: Gluttons  
    Episode 3: Speed  
    Episode 4: Births  
    Episode 5: Cheats  
    Episode 7: Fighters  
    Episode 8: Builders  
    Episode 9: Horrors  
    Episode 12: Lovers  
    Episode 13: Biters  

Season 2 of The Most Extreme

    Episode : -01  
    Episode : -02  
    Episode : -03  
    Episode : -04  
    Episode : -05  
    Episode : -06  
    Episode : -07  
    Episode : Predators  
    Episode : Stinkers  
    Episode : -08  
    Episode : -09  
    Episode : Eaters  
    Episode : -10  
    Episode : -11  
    Episode : -12  
    Episode : Defenders  
    Episode : -13  
    Episode : Oddities  
    Episode 1: Moms  
    Episode 2: Dads  
    Episode 3: Venom  
    Episode 4: Disguise  
    Episode 5: Swarms  

Season 3 of The Most Extreme

    Episode : Killers  
    Episode : Poison  
    Episode : Athletes  
    Episode : Movers  

Season 4 of The Most Extreme

    Episode 3: Divers  
    Episode 4: Dieters  
    Episode 13: Diggers  
    Episode 16: Pirates  

Season 5 of The Most Extreme

    Episode : Inventors  
    Episode : Leaders  
    Episode : Medics  
    Episode : Gadgets  
    Episode : Smarts  
    Episode : Psychics  
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