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What is Roboroach about?
Rube Roach was an ordinary bug until one day, after wandering too close to that donut, he found himself covered in microchips and whatnot, and after getting zapped by a light socket, he became RoboRoach - a superhero cockroach with the ability to morph into virtually anything! Rube uses these powers to save the town of Vexberg from chaos, and he does it for free, which really bugs his older sibling, Reg Roach, a money-hungry cockroach who ultimately loves his little bro, but would still exploit him (Just as long as there's cash involved). It's a classic superhero cartoon morphed into something even wackier! Don't miss it! Shown in Canada- Channel Teletoon, weekdays at 6:30 a.m et/pt.

Actors: Neil Crone, Jayne Eastwood, Scott Thompson, Ted Dykstra, Eddie Glenn, Tracy Moore, Stephen Ouimoulette, Catherine Disher, Jon Hemphill, Diego Matamoras, Kathy Gallant, Julie Lemieux, Carolyn Scott, Wayne Robson, Fiona Reid, Len Carlson, Lawrence Bayne, Ron Rubin, Dav

Season 1 of Roboroach

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