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What is Wild Battlefields about?
BBC Two's Wild Battlefields is a series of programmes exploring the relationship between a number of major predators and their environments.Using new techniques, the programmes aim to visualise each story in a spectacular and unique style, rarely seen in the world of blue chip natural history programming. Going beyond the camera, the programmes explore the pressures posed by the animals' specific environments. 422 South worked on programmes covering the oceans of the Tiger Shark, the mountains of the Wolf and the barren snow covered escarpments of the Polar Bear. The programmes follow each predator as it struggles for survival alongside all the other creatures that inhabit their "battlefield". Survival in the wild is a daily battle, with every living creature fighting for their share of food and territory. Wild Battlefields episode, Wolf Battlefield, reveals in spectacular and unique style wolves have mastered their terrain and acquired an awesome arsenal of weapons and strategies to deal with their prey, competitors and enemies. Take a close look at the world's largest land carnivore in 'Polar Bear Battlefield', as it follows a young male bear learning to fend for itself in the icy Arctic wilderness. With temperatures regularly plummeting to minus 50 degrees, survival is on a knife-edge.Lion Battlefield is a story about a pride of lions, and how daily interactions with their prey, their competitors and their deadly enemies, could affect the lives of their cubs. A chance encounter with a herd of buffalo could provide the pride with food for a week, but these hefty animals form a co-ordinated unit of advance guards, flankers and rear guards that can turn the tables and decimate a pride.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Wild Battlefields

    Episode 1: Shark  
    Episode 2: Wolf  
    Episode 4: Lion  
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