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What is Balamory about?
Balamory is about children in the nursery with Mrs Hoolie learning about everyday life and helping each other along the way.Basically just helping each other out with problems. Season 3 is coming soon and maybe already airing on TV Character Information P.C Plum:The main policeman in the Balamory show.Very cool and relaxed is this fellow. Mrs Hoolie:The teacher for the kids at the nursery always looking out for the children.

Actors: Buki Akib, Rodd Christensen, Kim Tserkezie, Andrew Agnew, Miles Jupp, Juliet Cadzow, Julie Wilson Nimmo, Mary Riggans
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Balamory

    Episode 8: Seals  
    Episode 9: Hair Cut  
    Episode 17: Camping  
    Episode 19: Golf  
    Episode 22: Ceilidh  
    Episode 29: Snake  
    Episode 32: Kite  
    Episode 50: Regatta  

Season 2 of Balamory

    Episode 6: Fun Run  
    Episode 10: Bunfest  
    Episode 15: Snow  
    Episode 16: Shops  
    Episode 19: Bubbles  
    Episode 21: Bassoon  
    Episode 22: Kitten  
    Episode 26: Disco  
    Episode 29: Washing  
    Episode 31: Sneeze  
    Episode 41: Leaves  
    Episode 45: Magic  
    Episode 46: Buddies  
    Episode 54: Tasty  
    Episode 61: Jungle  
    Episode 62: Sailing  

Season 3 of Balamory

    Episode 1: Oh Dear  
    Episode 6: Sausages  
    Episode 8: Ballet  
    Episode 9: Tantrums  
    Episode 22: Skiing  
    Episode 30: Anansi  
    Episode 35: 3x35  
    Episode 44: Bedtime  
    Episode 54: Blossom  
    Episode 56: Spooks  

Season 4 of Balamory

    Episode 1: Woodwork  
    Episode 11: Hot Sun  
    Episode 13: Mix Up  
    Episode 27: Slippy  
    Episode 29: Signing  
    Episode 37: Harvest  
    Episode 39: Bonjour  
    Episode 45: Snap  
    Episode 46: Shadows  
    Episode 47: How Far  
    Episode 54: The Map  
    Episode 62: Otters  
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