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What is Newsround about?
Welcome to the Newsround guide at TV Tome. Newsround started on 4 April 1972, with just two typewriters and three people based in the corner of the BBC's foreign news room. 22nd June 1989 saw Johns last ever newsround. This was when newsround was beginning to put John behind the show and it was a whole new start. SInce 1990 there have been nine presenters, five sets and four theme tunes. 1991: Krishan Guru-murthy joined the team but later left to work on more professional shows 1992:Paul Welsh was the next presenter to join and leave for a bigger shiw 1993:Juliet Morris became the next presenter to come and go for Breakfast news 1994:Chris Rogers and Julie Etchingham replaced Juliet and Krishnan. 1995:A new studio was built influenced by Mattisse 1997:Kate Sanderson joined Newsround and again, a brand new studio was unvielled in a special 30 minute show about death of Diana 1998:Chris was the next presenter to leave and was replaced by Lizo who is now one of the

Actors: Chris Rogers, Thalia Pellegrini, John Craven, Lizzie Greenwood, Rachel Gibson, Lizo Mzimba, Ellie Crisell, Adam Fleming, Laura Jones

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