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What is Family Album about?
Dr. Jonathan Lerner (Peter Scolari, "Henry 'Hildegard' Desmond" on Bosom Buddies, "Michael Harris" on Newhart (1984-1990), "Ken Ballantine" on Mommies, and "Wayne Szalinski" on Honey I Shrunk the Kids) architect wife Denise Lerner (Pamela Reed), tv lover son Jeffrey Lerner (Christopher Miranda) and daughter Nicki Lerner (Ashlee Levitch) move back to Philadelphia after living in California. The Lerner's have decided to return to live near their family (father Dr. Sid Lerner (Alan North, Police Squad!), hair dresser mother Ruby DeMattis (Rhoda Gemignani), Denise's sister Sheila (Nancy Cassaro) and juvenile delinquent nephew Elvis (Giovanni Ribisi)). Denise cannot understand why anyone would move back to Philly after escaping it, Nicki Lerner cannot adjust to Philly (culture shock), Jeffrey can't get his face out of the tv, Ruby cannot stop picking on Sheila, Dr. Sid cannot stop telling Dr. Jonathan how to be a doctor, and none of them can stop bickering. Creatorss other Creations

Actors: Giovanni Ribisi, Phillip Glenn Van Dyke, Pamela Reed, Peter Scolari, Rhoda Gemignani, Alan North, Nancy Cassaro, Doris Belack, Ashlee Levitch, Christopher Miranda

Season 1 of Family Album

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