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What is If Not for You about?
If Not For You was a romantic comedy that was cancelled after four episodes. The show takes place in a recording studio where a man, Craig, who records music with odd people meets a girl, Jessie, who finds people to record weird books on tape. They meet, instantly fall in love, try to stay away from one another, yet always end up together. The problem is that they each have someone already. Craig is engaged to Melanie who is very sweet, giving, and accident prone. Jessie is engaged to Elliot who is very handsome, cocky, and insecure. No matter how hard Craig and Jessie try to break up with them, something always seems to happen to stop them. Theme Song: "If Not For You" by Valerie Carpenter, World Party, Victoria Williams, Tito and Tarantula.

Actors: Debra Jo Rupp, Reno Wilson, Hank Azaria, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Turner, Chris Hogan, Jane Sibbett

Season 1 of If Not for You

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 4: The Kiss  
    Episode 5: Snap!  
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