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What is Moondial about?
Show Type: BBC Children's Series First Broadcast: April 9, 1990 Last Broadcast: May 14, 1990 Episodes: 6 Colour Episodes This classic six part British children's TV series revolves around Minty who is a rather sulky teenager sent to live with her aunt following her fathers death. She finds a beautiful garden in at the local manor house and there is a sundial in the centre of the garden. Minty has strange mental powers and when she touches the dial discovers that it can transport her through time to the turn of the century. Here she finds the manor house filled with maids and servants and lords and ladies, but there she finds a girl named Sarah who is trapped in the house as she has a disfiguring birthmark which is seen as a devils mark. Minty with the help of the servant Tom must rescue her before she becomes part of an evil sacrifice. First aired in April of 1990 this BBC series continues to be remembered as a classic British children's drama of the early

Actors: Tony Sands, Siri Nea, Helena Avellano, Olwen Griffiths, Joe York, Jacqueline Pearce, Joanna Dunham, Valerie Lush, Arthur Hewlett

Season 1 of Moondial

    Episode 1: Part One  
    Episode 2: Part Two  
    Episode 6: Part Six  
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