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Watch Moondial online: Episode 5 Part Five

Ms Raven asks Minty to show her the gardens and Minty reluctantly does. Minty tries to move Ms Raven away from the direction of the moondial but Ms Raven heads straight for it. Minty tries to distract her by whistling but this fails. Ms Raven asks Minty if she feels anything as she stands near the moondial. To Minty's relief, Ms Raven then sees the church and heads off towards it leaving a slightly happier Minty. Minty gets up at dawn the next day and goes to the moondial. She touches the dial, closes her eyes and it begins to spin. Next she is seen by Tom, who quickly asks her to come with him. They both see Sarah, she is walking on her own singing quietly in daylight. She gets to the fountain whilst talking to a flower. Tom calls out to her and we get to see her face as she turns around. We see she is a lovely young girl with a birthmark down one side of her face. Sarah instantly runs off but is pursued by Tom and Minty. They all enter the house at which point Tom and Minty realise t

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