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Welcome to the On the Air guide at TV Tome. Czars of the bizarre, Mark Frost & David Lynch have concocted a new series that shows the perils of live television during the "Golden Age of Television." Complete with the usual odd assortment of strange characters that would normally be associated with a Lynch / Frost production. Music for the series was composed and conducted by Angelo Badalamenti. In an attempt to revive his failing career, movie star Lester Guy has agreed to star in this new live variety show for the Zoblotnick Broadcasting Company (ZBC). The owner of the network sends his nephew, from the old country, to direct this show...

Actors: Miguel Ferrer, Mel Johnson Jr., Marla Rubinoff, Nancye Ferguson, Kim McGuire, Raymond Friend, Raleigh Friend, Everett Greenbaum, Marvin Kaplan, Tracey Walter, Ian Buchanan, Gary Grossman, Buddy Douglas, David L. Lander

Season 1 of On the Air

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