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What is Todd TV about?
Meet Todd Santos. He's 30 years old, works as a waiter, and has no direction. So he's turning all his major decisions over to you, the viewing audience. "He's had 30 years to screw up his life... Now it's your turn." For seven weeks, Todd's every move will be recorded... and then you get to vote on what he does next. This is interactive television - at the end of each episode, viewers vote on Todd's options via phone or text message. You can also send suggestions in regarding what you think Todd should do at the FX website. HOW TO VOTE Call toll-free: 1-866-868-3863 OR Text Message "A" or "B" to: 86331 for Question 1 and 86332 for Question 2 (there is a charge of 50 cents for text messaging)

Actors: George Gray, Todd Santos

Season 1 of Todd TV

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