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What is Life's Work about?
Welcome to the Life's Work guide at TV Tome. Having it all sometimes brings a person more than they've bargained for. Lisa Hunter (Lisa Ann Walter) finds this to be true in "Life's Work," the half-hour comedy chronicling her hectic life as a wife, mother, and Assistant State's Attorney. Following graduation from law school at Baltimore City College, Lisa Hunter is jazzed up about her new job as Assistant State's Attorney. She has wanted to practice law for a very long time (her parents told her since she loved to argue, she should be a lawyer -- Lisa didn't take that as a compliment). But, as usually is the case, life got in the way and temporarily sidelined her ambitions. She married Kevin (Michael O'Keefe), a basketball coach, and eventually had two children -- Tess (Alexa Vega), who is now 7 years old, and Griffin (Cameron and Luca Weibel), their toddler son to whom Lisa gave birth during law school. Her office co-workers include DeeDee Lucas (Moll

Actors: Lisa Ann Walter, Michael O'Keefe, Alexa Vega, Larry Miller, Lightfield Lewis, Cameron Weibel, Molly Hagan, Andrew Lowery, Luca Weibel

Season 1 of Life's Work

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 3: Contempt  
    Episode 4: Concert  
    Episode 5: Burnout  
    Episode 6: Playdate  
    Episode 9: Jobs  
    Episode 11: Boss  
    Episode 12: Fired  
    Episode 14: Fraud  
    Episode 17: Dates  
    Episode 18: Banquet  
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