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Watch Lifes Work online: Episode 2 Daycareless

Lisa and Kevin realize how overwhelming thier lives have become when they mistakenly leave baby Griffin at daycare, each thinking the other has picked him up. After several warnings and one more tardy pick-up, Griffin is expelled and the Hunters must find alternative daycare. Temporary relief arrives in the form of Connie, Lisa's larger-than-life mother, who comes to stay with the Hunters. Although she's happy to help her daughter and son-in-law, Connie quickly makes it clear that she loves her grandchildren but she's not about to become their full-time baysitter. Lisa and Kevin must return, apologetically to Griffin's original daycare center. In order to get their baby re-enrolled, they generously ""donate"" their brand new VCR to the center. To Lisa's dismay, her beloved copy of ""Braveheart"" was still in the VCR-- and the task falls to Kevin to provide a suitable replacement -- so he transforms into a Mel Gibson-esque warrior, complete with blue complexion and kilt.

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