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What is The Practice about?
David E. Kelley's Emmy Award-winning legal drama, The Practice, had eight amazing seasons, with promising, provocative, issue-related stories, coupled with the writer's trademark humor. Set in Boston, The Practice centers on a firm of passionate attorneys to whom every case is important and every client worth a fight to the end. Legal maneuvering is the firm's modus operandi, and they have it down to a science, making even the most questionable arguments convincing. And while they can't - and don't - win every trial, the pursuit of justice remains the priority until the final verdict is announced and sometimes afterwards. Pursuing justice, however, often confronts them with serious ethical and moral issues of conscience. The end of last season saw Bobby Donnell quitting the firm and leaving Eugene Young (Steve Harris) in charge. In the final season, we find Eugene not only tackling his new role as head of the firm, but also the new dynamic with co-workers Ellenor Frutt (Camryn Manheim), a single mom known for her fervent commitment to clients and for refusing to take "no" for an answer; Jimmy Berluti (Michael Badalucco), a hard-working "good guy" with a winning record and unparalleled loyalty to the firm; and a budding relationship with Jamie Stringer (Jessica Capshaw), a young associate recently out of law school. In addition to returning cast members Manheim, Harris, Badalucco and Capshaw, in the final season, Kelley injected the series with intriguing new characters, including acclaimed film actor James Spader, who will play Alan Shore, a complicated and ethically challenged lawyer, and Rhona Mitra, who will play Tara Wilson, a confident paralegal in her third year of law school who is also the firm's new tough-as-nails assistant. The multiple Emmy Award-winning drama has also earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, a Peabody Award, a Viewers for Quality Television Award, an American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award and, most recently, a coveted Humanitas Award.

Actors: Lara Flynn Boyle, Marla Sokoloff, Chyler Leigh, James Spader, Rhona Mitra, Kelli Williams, Ron Livingston, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Capshaw, Jason Kravits, Bill Smitrovich, Steve Harris, Michael Badalucco, Camryn Manheim
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of The Practice

    Episode : The Vote  
    Episode : The Nose  
    Episode 2: Part II  

Season 2 of The Practice

(watch here)
    Episode : The Dream  
    Episode : Carlotta  
    Episode : Mulligan  

Season 3 of The Practice

Season 4 of The Practice

    Episode 5: Oz (2)  
    Episode 6: Marooned  

Season 5 of The Practice

    Episode 9: The Deal  
    Episode 12: Payback  

Season 6 of The Practice

    Episode 13: Pro Se  

Season 7 of The Practice

    Episode 17: Burnout  

Season 8 of The Practice

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