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What is The Weakest Link (US) about?
This is the show that has taken America and Britain by storm. In the UK version, contestants play for 10,000 or 50,000 pounds, and in the US Nighttime, they play for $1,000,000. Who are the hosts of this show? I think you mean Anne Robinson. She originally hosted this show in the UK in 2000, and still does. George Gray hosted the daytime syndicated version until its cancellation in August of 2003. Is this show cancelled? Which show do you mean? The nighttime US. Yes. Plans were in the works for a new GSN-produced WL, but things were cut off. Now there is pretty much no hope for that, due to GSN's new look. Airings: UK Daytime new episodes are airing on BBC 2. Nighttime new episodes air on BBC1. Reruns of the Nighttime USA version currently air on GSN. Reruns of the Daytime US version currently air on PAX.

Actors: Wolf, Anne Robinson

Season 1 of The Weakest Link (US)

Season 2 of The Weakest Link (US)

Season 3 of The Weakest Link (US)

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