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What is The Joey Bishop Show (1961) about?
Sitcom. Joey Barnes is the host of a TV talk show originating in New York. Each episode dealt with events in his personal and proffesional life as a celebrity. CHARACTERS Joey Barnes: A television actor, is a night club comedian on the Joey Barnes Show, a talk show. His wife is Ellie Barnes. Joey's agent was Freddy in the fall of 1962, and in early 1963, Larry Corbett became his new agent as well as manager and writer. Joey often cracks jokes at his maid Hilda who says she dislikes his TV show even though she doesn't, but would never tell him.Joey's catchphrase is "Son of a gun". Ellie Barnes: Ellie Barnes married Joey Barnes on September 15 1962 and is very jealous of him. Ellie is born and raised in Texas, and is often homesick for Texas. She is a feminist and once went on Joey's TV show and represents women in politics. Ellie hired Hilda to be the Barne's maid. Before she married Joey

Actors: Abby Dalton, Joey Bishop, Virginia Vincent, Corbett Monica, John Griggs, Nancy Hardly, Joe Flynn, Joe Besser, Joey Forman, Madge Blake, Marlo Thomas, Guy Marks, Mary Treen, Warren Berlinger, Bill Bixby

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Season 4 of The Joey Bishop Show (1961)

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