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What is Stumpers about?
Two celebrity/contestant teams played. In each Stumper, there were three clues. The player (celeb or contestant) chooses one of the clues hoping the opponent celeb/contestant won't get it. Getting it on the first clue paid 15 points, 10 points for 2 & 5 points for all three. There were 4 rounds so that every player got a chance to give & receive, The last two rounds were known as "Double Up" where the clue values are doubled. The team leading after that round won the game & played the bonus. BONUS: Ten Stumpers were used & the celebrity picked the clue that would be the easy clue to help the player guess that Stumper. Each Stumper solved paid $100 while all 10 in 60 seconds paid $10,000 on the first try, $20,000 on the second. Contestants were retired after winning $20,000. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

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