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What is Tutenstein about?
King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun was revived when lightning hit a very old Egyptian casket in a museum The Pharaoh was in charge of the 10 year old mummy. King Tut may not be so tall, but his personality is very big. So big that he believes he is the ultimate leader the world he is currently living in. Tut meets up with a 12 year old girl, Cleo, and his trusty companion, Luxor. Watch him as he sets out to recover his rightful place in the world. Characters Tutenstein: Tutenstein is a 10-year old mummy, who was brought back to life when lightning hit his coffin. He believes he is still the ruler because he was a Pharaoh three thousand years ago. Will he be able to go about his life as he did then, with the help of his friends Cleo and Luxor? Cleo: Cleo is sort of Tutenstein's keeper. She is twelve years old and always keeping King Tut safe. Cleo Carter vowed never to expose the concealed secret of Tutenstein. Luxor: Luxor belongs to Cleo. He is also Tutenstein's t

Actors: Jeannie Elias, Walter Lang
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Tutenstein

Season 2 of Tutenstein

    Episode 1: Friends  
    Episode 4: Tut Jr.  

Season 3 of Tutenstein

    Episode 9: Fearless  
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